Lindsey Corbett – Yoga

When I was nineteen, I completed my yoga teacher training with my teacher, Hilaire Lockwood, in my hometown in the United States.

Since then, I have felt profoundly lucky to have had my yoga practice as a constant source of support. Not only has my mat provided a literal bed over countless layovers in airports all over the world, but it has been my foundation in the figurative sense. Yoga, after all, is simply learning how to fall; my yoga mat has caught me when I have fallen (often) in the States, Europe, Southeast and East Asia, India, and now New Zealand.

In a culture that feels increasingly commercial, studying Sanskrit and embracing yoga as it is traditionally taught in India have been ways to preserve my integrity as a yoga teacher. This is at least in part what informs my interest in studying ashtanga yoga: I am grateful for an opportunity to navigate my own yoga practice within a lineage of remarkable teachers. As a teacher myself, I feel immensely privileged to share a practice that carries such a profound power for guiding healing, finding peace, and enacting change.