Julia Maria Seeman – Yoga


I was born in Germany where I spent a happy childhood with my parents and two sisters in a little village near Frankfurt. When I was 18 I left home and moved to Ireland where I studied and lived for 4 years. Love and a scholarship brought me all the way to New Zealand where my journey with yoga began.

In 2006 I started taking classes with Kelly Mara and Peter Henneveld at Yoga Central and I realised how great my body felt after the practise. As my practice grew, I was drawn to Astangha Yoga and begun to practice at Te Aro Asthanga with Mike Berghan.

What I love about Ashtanga is its continuous flow of movement and breath which creates a deeply meditative state.
Sometimes it is hard to calm the mind, especially after a working day or any day in this busy corporate world. The counting of the breath that is particular to Ashtanga is a very great tool, it allows us to think ‘nothing but the breath’ and focus on what is going on the inside.
The energetic flow of movements creates a great amount of sweat and internal heat that helps purify the body and increase the flow of prana.

Some people say Ashtanga is just for flexible people but I would rather say it is for people who would like to increase their flexibility and strength. I was very stiff when I started to practise and I suffered quite a lot of back pain due to scoliosis. A regular yoga practise has resolved all these issues, my back is fine also because it has become so much stronger.

I completed my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 in Byron Bay, Australia.
In 2013 I went to Mysore, India, to train for two months with Sharath Jois at the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. My practice and teaching is also indebted and inspired by the amazing teachers and yogis Peter Sanson and John Scott.

Yoga has changed my life. Not only in terms of a strong, flexible and healthy body but also in terms of being able to use the tools of yoga in my daily life. The practise makes me calm and centred. It is much easier to meet the challenges of daily life with a focused mind and a happy heart.

I love sharing yoga with other people. It is like when you find the greatest imaginable treasure. All you want is to share this joy with everyone else.