Hamish Hesketh

My journey into fitness and physical movement began an early age when I was very active and involved in multiple different sports through the summers and winters. I loved this period of time but also sustained several injuries that would come back to visit me in adult life.

It was this next chapter of my life that involved sedentary office work where I was shocked to notice that my body had become stiff, weak and tired - and I had become overweight through poor eating habits. Those injuries earlier injuries - with a few others, presented themselves with a vengeance and caused frequent bouts of chronic back and joint pain. It was these health issues that forced me to seriously inquire about how to make it stop - and that in turn was how I discovered Yoga.

I loved Yoga from the very first class I took at The Yoga Lounge. I found it gave me almost immediate pain relief, while giving me a calm energy at the same time. I liked that it allowed me to move as fluidly as I had done years ago, and with so much strength and focus. But I soon also realized that it was more than just a physical practice and that the yoga philosophy itself helped me also. After just a few months of consistent practice I was witnessing incredible benefits throughout all aspects of my body and life. Yoga has become more than physical movement for me – it is definitely a medicine, a way of life, and a method for deepening awareness.

With the supportive community at The yoga lounge, my teacher Erika Josa, and my own practice, I am developing a teaching style with my students that’s holistic and inclusive in its approach. I draw on all my life experience, study and physical practice and bring these elements together into my classes. I am always curious, looking to for opportunities to learn more, and open to new ideas and ways of doing things. I feel that my own varied background has enabled an eclectic and holistic approach to the way I teach yoga for student and practice for myself. I love the challenge teaching brings and how it also adds richness to my own yoga journey. If I can help others on their own yoga journey, the way others have helped me, then I feel very lucky to be able to do that.

I’m now really looking to my next steps in yoga as my teaching practice deepens and it’s also opened up many other related areas such as Ayurvedic Health, hand balancing and gymnastics flexibility and strength training (to name a few!!) that I’m keen to explore further.

Lastly I’m so grateful to have met all the wonderful inspiring people I have met and learned from so far, My teacher Erika who shows continued faith and support in me, and I’m so grateful for the loving support of my darling wife Dairne.