The Yoga Lounge CBD

Escape the office and reclaim your wellness

Attention: "The Hot Yoga Lounge" has now been rebranded to "Yoga on Thorndon" and now have its own website:


The Yoga Lounge CBD:
Our homely little studio is located right in the heart of Wellington CBD on level 5, 23 Waring Taylor Street hidden away from the buzzing city. Come up and enjoy some relaxing time for yourself away from your desk and busy day with our 45 minute lunch classes.

Our Yoga classes are accessible to anybody. They are designed to improve your posture by stretching and strengthening your body while reducing shoulder, back, neck and other discomforts due to a lack of movement.

Our studio does not have any mirrors.
We believe that leaving the ego and appearance 'outside' is better to look 'inside'. Take time for yourself to heal and maintain your health. Bring your attention to your breath and listen to what the teacher says, this will help to keep your mind away from what is happening in your busy day and allow you to focus, relax and restore yourself.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

The Team